What is a Blog?

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Blog is great forum where author can share own relevant information or knowledge over  the internet world and earn money by monetizing Blog through various ads service providers like Google Ad sense.

Definition of blog

A blog is a brief identify of “weblog” is a web based journal or informational web site web site displaying info in the reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts showing first. It is a platform the place a author or perhaps a group of writers share their views on an individual topic

history of blogging 

The blog was independently invented by Ian Ring, in 1997. His online journal program was never called a “blog”, and had very limited functionality, consisting of blobs of text associated with dates in an Access database. Ring experimented again with data-powered journalling in 2002, to provide a CMS for the popular health and wellness site SeekWellness.com, publishing weekly posts by fitness columnist Donald Ardell. Ring likes to claim that he “invented the blog”, which is technically true even though there were other projects that could make the same claim with greater authority.After that several broadly popular American political blogs emerged in 2001.

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